RMV victory

I went to the RMV yesterday, but their computers were down, so I had to leave empty-handed.

Today, however, the computers were working, so I got my new license ordered (should arrive in a week) as well as my registration updated and renewed, and got re-registered to vote (go, Obama!).

Here’s a comparison of my old and new license picture (well, the B&W temp version).
My new photo is 80% less serial-killer-y.

I forgot to check if the woman noticed I checked “organ donor” when she set up the new card.

The Name Game

Finally got around to something I’ve been putting off for a while… namely, getting a new Social Security Card with my updated name, which will allow me to get an updated Driver’s License.

Which times nicely, since my driver’s license is up for renewal next month. And I’ll probably need up-to-date ID to vote, and I definitely want to do that. Go, Obama!

Reminds me, the debate is tonight… maybe I’ll watch it in HD, so I can see if McCain got his money’s worth.

Oh, and on another unrelated note, I watched the new Knight Rider TV show, and it sets a new high-water-mark for awfulness. Horrible acting, unlikable characters, pointless special effects (the car uses an elaborate transformation to change into… a basically identical car), bad scripts, and just general badness. It’s not even enjoyably bad, which if you’re being generous you could say they were going for, it’s just bad bad.

Thanksgiving in Maine

Maine was fun. I gave Judy her Christmas presents early (an iMac and iPod Nano) and transferred all her stuff over to the new machine on Wednesday night.

Then Thursday morning, I baked a pie (for the first time) totally from scratch.
It came out pretty good, the crust was nice and flaky and the pie was not too sweet without being tart.

Click here for more pie=making photos.

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at Mildred’s, with lots of yummy food.

Friday I went for a walk with Judy, then she patched my coat (I still need to sew the button back on, she didn’t have the right thread), and then we went through some boxes of old childhood records and drawings.

More photos of the walk.

I drove home Friday night, and when I got home, lots of surprises were waiting for me:

1. They finished paving Clark street! It’s no longer an obstacle course.

2. My new Sony eBook Reader arrived! Yes, I am a gadget whore.

3. A document from the court came in the mail – my name change went through! I don’t even have to go in to court!

4. UPS didn’t deliver my projector, I have to go pick it up on Monday. This is because UPS sucks. FedEx is so much better.

Preparing for Tev 2.0

So I *finally* (after meaning to for 15 years) filed for a legal name change.

It’s only a petition, I still need to wait for a court date for a judge to sign off on it, but if all goes well I will have a new legal name by the end of the year.

Old name: Tevia
New name: Tevye

It’s a subtle difference, but I much prefer the other spelling.

Since there are more steps to changing your name than just filing a document, I’m taking this opportunity to take inventory of all of my accounts, everywhere.
It’s actually turning out to be a good way to get organized.

But it feels good to finally get around to doing it… it’s something I’ve wanted to do for… a long, long time. I wrote my name “Tevye” from like grade school, up until college, where I put my legal name on student loans and things. After that I just went by “Tev” and all my accounts were in the name “Tevia”. It will be a fair amount of work to get all my accounts everywhere updated to the new name, but it feels refreshing, like a mini-rebirth.

The only thing I feel bad about is that I waited this long to do it.

“Le Tevia est mort. Vive le Tevye!”