Far Cry 2

The Far Cry 2 demo was pretty amazing. What they could achieve on the 360 was damn impressive.

The level editor was incredible, too.

But one thing kinda stuck in my mind… They have realistic terrain, wind and an unbelievable fire simulator, essentially they have built a digital likeness of Africa… all so I can drive across the savanna to shoot some guys?

I mean, it looks to be a fun game, I just wonder if such fantastic environments couldn’t have some really new gameplay in there… they do have lots of innovative touches, but the main gameplay idea seems a lot like 1000 other games.


I always forget what a dump JFK airport is until I’m here again.

At least the annoucement speakers aren’t horribly overdriven in this part of the airport – the gate I was at last time I was here was *horrible*.

The delay in takeoff was actually a blessing in disguise, now I don’t have to hang out in JFK as long… kind of a funky smell in the air here.


I’m on the ground in Liberty City. Er, New York City, that is…

Now I just have 3 hours till my flight to Seattle leaves.