Toy idea

Due to a past… shall we say, “extreme like” of Penguin Caffeinated Mints, I have more or less a bazillion empty metal tins, which I figured would make good project boxes for little ideas.

On the way to work I had an idea:

Take a tin, glue a strong magnet to the inside of the cover. Close the tin. Grab a handful of small steel hex nuts, and voilà – a magnetic stacking executive desk toy (fun for kids, too!

The tin could also be a storage box for the hex nuts if there weren’t too many.

Tattoo two

This is the other design I mentioned, the circle quartered by a cross:

Again, not planning on getting any tattoos, just, y’know, if I did, these are some ideas.

Looking at it, this came out pretty clean considering I was drawing a freehand circle with my left hand.


Not that I’m planning on it or anything, just entertaining the thought, but I think if I did ever get a tattoo, it might be something like this:

It represents two things to me: Pascal’s Triangle aka the SierpiÅ„ski Gasket, and the Triforce from the Zelda games. Both of which I’ve always loved.

Another design I’ve always liked is the circle quartered by a cross, an ancient symbol representing, among other things, Earth.

SmartAce Designs

I’ve been meaning to do some tshirt and bumper sticker designs for a while.

I had some ideas sketched out a while back, and a couple weeks ago, sketched out some more with Sarah and Colleen.

This morning I finally got around to doing it, got a CafePress store set up, came up with the name and logo really quickly (the name is decent, the logo needs work) and did the first bumper sticker and tshirt.

I figure if I can do one or two designs a day, I can get most of the sketches turned into products pretty quickly.

Here’s the initial store, with only 2 items in it:

More to come.