Hobbit Part 3 Annoyances

So I watched the third part of the Hobbit last night, and I felt about the same as I did for the first two – it was OK, but had soooo many problems.

Some of the things that annoyed me:


Legolas – he is annoying and not in the book, but he’s such a popular character Peter Jackson put him in.  He’s performing typically Legolas physics-defying stunts, including one particularly silly one where he runs up falling stones in midair to climb back on to a collapsing building.

Dáin – a fun character voiced by Billy Connolly, but his face is done with weird CGI instead of makeup, and he is headbutting orcs that are wearing helmets to knock them out.

Bilbo – now has the ability to throw rocks with unerring accuracy, killing or incapacitating an orc with each throw.

Thorin – the dwarf army of thousands is losing, but Thorin and his 12 dwarves turn the tide by joining the battle.  And when they decide to take on the bosses, suddenly armored rams appear out of nowhere  for them to ride up the mountain.

Radagast – has like one line.  Show a Doctor some respect!

Beorn – you only see him for like 5 seconds jumping off an eagle and turning into a bear in midair then hitting an orc with his paw.

Boss Battles – typical, they just won’t stay dead.  Right after being dunked with a clever bit of physics, Azog manages to defy physics, leaping straight up through a sheet of ice from under a lake.

Ending – kind of abrupt without really explaining how the conflict over the gold is resolved. Nice tie-in to LotR at the end, though.