Chocolate Rain

I’ve been playing around with chocolate recently, making chocolate-covered oreos, graham crackers, etc. I’ve been using a Lego ice cube tray to make some, which has worked out well.

I wanted some more molds to play with, so I looked around, at a bunch of kitchen supply places, but… no luck. So I tried Amazon, and ordered a whole bunch for like $2-$3 each. They arrived yesterday, now I have all sorts of new shapes to try!

Peanut Butter Muffins

Sarah said on her FaceBook status this morning that she was “eating peanut butter puffins” – her friend Melissa misread it as “peanut butter muffins” and expressed envy.

So Sarah looked up a recipe, and we made peanut butter MUFFINS a reality tonight.

They turned out really dry though, and not as peanut-buttery as hoped.

Spreading peanut butter on them helps, but sort of misses the point.

Thanksgiving in Maine

Maine was fun. I gave Judy her Christmas presents early (an iMac and iPod Nano) and transferred all her stuff over to the new machine on Wednesday night.

Then Thursday morning, I baked a pie (for the first time) totally from scratch.
It came out pretty good, the crust was nice and flaky and the pie was not too sweet without being tart.

Click here for more pie=making photos.

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at Mildred’s, with lots of yummy food.

Friday I went for a walk with Judy, then she patched my coat (I still need to sew the button back on, she didn’t have the right thread), and then we went through some boxes of old childhood records and drawings.

More photos of the walk.

I drove home Friday night, and when I got home, lots of surprises were waiting for me:

1. They finished paving Clark street! It’s no longer an obstacle course.

2. My new Sony eBook Reader arrived! Yes, I am a gadget whore.

3. A document from the court came in the mail – my name change went through! I don’t even have to go in to court!

4. UPS didn’t deliver my projector, I have to go pick it up on Monday. This is because UPS sucks. FedEx is so much better.