To-Do Apps on iPhone

Trying to get organized?  Me too.

I’ve tried out a number of To-do apps on the iPhone, here are 4 that for me stood out from the rest.

Do it Tomorrow

Do it Tomorrow is a nice, simple, free app.  There are only two screens, Today and Tomorrow, which lets you focus on the tasks immediately at hand.  There is an arrow to shift a task between the two days.

The interface is nice, with a handwritten Moleskine look.


Today is similar to Do it Tomorrow, but with more features.  In addition to today and tomorrow, you also get “yesterday” and “someday”.  “Someday” is handy for jotting down project ideas without specific deadlines.

Tasks also get more detail, you can set a category, priority level, and a due date beyond just today and tomorrow.  Overall it’s a very clean interface, although a bit too clean at first – many of the functions are hidden, so read the instructions before diving in.

This one is my current favorite.



Todo is a feature-rich all-in-one project organizer app.  It has different types of tasks, such as “call” with Address Book integration, or “Project” with sub-tasks.  It’s powerful but with an easy-to-use interface.  I kind of fell out of using it though, because for me, it almost had too many features.

Epic Win

Epic Win is a more light-hearted approach to a to-do list.  In Epic Win, you create a character, and by categorizing tasks based on stats, you improve your character’s stats and level up.  You also reach checkpoints where you get an item – an amusingly described trinket.  There is no game beyond leveling your character and collecting items, though.  There are coins you also collect, but currently they don’t do anything in the app.

It’s a cool concept, and well executed, but I got tired of it after a while.


So there you have it, 4 excellent apps for keeping on track. Right now I’m using Today, but they all offer a different angle on a simple concept. As long as you use it regularly, any one of them will serve you well.