Freezer Epiphany

Ok, so this is probably an obvious one, but it just manifested itself to me, so it feels new to me…

I was looking at my freezer, which was overflowing with bags upon bags of frozen veggies, when it occurred to me that rectangular items stack more easily than floppy amorphous bags. Suddenly, it hit me – I could use the rectangular plastic containers that I usually use for microwaving food or storing leftovers!

So I took all the bags out of the freezer, and emptied them into the plastic containers. My food now converted into rectangular form, it stacked neatly, taking less space. As an added bonus, I can also see what I have, rather than a pile of bags where I can only see the top layer.


Hooray for small victories!

Of course, now I don’t have enough plastic containers, and need to get more.

Vermont Weekend

log house

Went up to Vermont with Sarah for Meloo’s birthday. She’s renting a bee-yew-tee-ful log house in the Vermont woods with some friends. No neighbors, no sounds of cars, just peaceful quietude. We got there Saturday afternoon, the party was Saturday night, then Sunday afternoon we went to a swimming hole (cold mountain water!).

Here are some pics I took.

iPhone breakup

My friend Chris is about the biggest Mac fan I know. However, after a week of use, he just returned his new iPhone.

He loved it, he just had two complaints:
* it was too quiet, and
* he couldn’t get reception.

AT&T is the only carrier for the iPhone, and ’round these parts at least, don’t have very good coverage.

Doesn’t bode well for the iPhone when a huge fan returns it. There are lots of good reviews, but they are from people who live in New York or LA, where AT&T probably has good coverage.

Neil and Moses

Another test scan on my new scanner, a pic of Neil from around 1976.
Looks a lot like recent-vintage Moses. The nose is a little different, but otherwise pretty damn close.

Neil and Moses

mysterious twinge

For the past few days I’ve had a strange ache on my foot. It’s a small pain that gets worse with pressure. It feels like the soreness you get after stepping on a tack, except I don’t see any marks on my foot.

It’s a very mild pain, but this morning it seemed worse, like I was limping from it. Now it seems mild again.


If it doesn’t go away in a week or so, maybe I’ll have it checked out. Maybe I just whacked my foot on something at some point and caused a sore spot.


There’s a pretty neat Burger King sponsored site that lets you create a simpsons version of yourself. It starts with uploading a photo, but that seems extraneous, seems like they should just let you play with the different parts and skip the photo part.

It does a pretty good job, it started off looking a lot like me, all I had to do was add glasses and switch the hairstyle.

simpsonized tev

You can try it out here: Simpsonize Me, though the site has been getting a lot of traffic and is kinda slow right now.

Brillo is Fucking Magic!

After cleaning my tub with Brillo, I was impressed.

After cleaning my kitchen sink with it I was blown away!

kitchen sink

Oil paint has been stuck on since I painted my Galaga cabinet, years ago. I’ve tried other cleaning products but the oil paint was on for good. Brillo? Took it right off. Rust? Came right off. All sorts of crud, came right off.
The only thing it didn’t get off the sink was some discoloration that is soaked into the sink material itself, but I forgive it for that.

Brillo is fucking magic!

Sometimes I forget how great Brillo is. Last time, Brillo saved the glass-top stove, which Adam had accidentally melted a plastic bag on.