Hastings Cakes video

I shot my first real video with the new camcorder this morning. I did a mini cooking show on how to make Hastings Cakes.

I shot it and edited it this morning before heading out to work, just before leaving I started it uploading.

It came out kind of long, 6 mins 16 seconds, I can probably get it down to 4 minutes by cutting out the washing and waiting to cook parts. But I think it came out OK for a first try.

Hastings Cakes Recipe from Tev Kaber on Vimeo.

Flickr Video

Flickr just added the ability for paid users to upload 90-second videos along with photos.

To test this out, I uploaded a 6-second clip of me circa 2005 (not sure when in 2005 it was taken).
Amazing what a difference 2-3 years can make!


I’m tempted to recreate the clip sometime in my current incarnation and put them side-by-side. =)

Video cable for iPod Classic

My new iPod needed a special new cable to output video (par for Apple), so I ordered one. It arrived last night and I replaced the cable I was using in my car with the new cable.

So Prius + AV mod + iPod Classic + iPod AV cable = video on Prius.

Not that I will use it much (definitely not while driving) but still kinda cool.

The aspect ratio is funky on the Prius, it takes 4×3 video but shows it wider, since the screen isn’t 4×3. I suppose I could figure out what the aspect ratio is, and put video on my iPod that is appropriately squished, so when it get stretched on the Prius, it shows in the right aspect (though slightly cropped on top and bottom)…

(my aspect ratio math here)