Dadaist Spam

Every once and a while, I get dadaist spam.  It’s randomly generated, but I’m not sure what the point of it is, since unlike normal spam, there’s no attempt to make me do something.  There are no links or tracking pixels.  Perhaps a poorly written spam generator that instead cranks out surrealist prose mashups.

Here are a couple:


Subject:  Here Dinger visited her in the summer of 1971.

From: Minerva was the wife of James G.


Lorraine piston engines mounted in tandem pairs on the lower wing.
Creighton currently sits on the House Commerce, Judiciary, and State Government committees.
Back in Camelot, Sophia uses more than just her feminine charms to take control of Arthur’s heart. Everyone got on everybody’s nerves.


Subject:  New York having survived an attempted attack.

From:  I could so easily become.


The shopping occurred at a Target store in Downtown Brooklyn, the Atlantic Center Mall.
However, they were not saved due to prohibitive expense at the time of the early 1960s demolition.
Before the chickenpox vaccine became available there were 100 to 150 deaths from chickenpox among children in the U. Menuhin for bringing the manuscript to the world’s attention.


Somewhere out there, in some forgotten dusty corner of a server, a dadaist script keeps creating pieces and sending them to random people.  Tristan Tzara and William S. Burroughs would be proud.