Spider-man 3

I went to see Spider-man 3 last night. Not bad. Had some good Spidy action, some funny parts. The story felt a little crowded with 3 villains. Including the Sandman was unnecessary in my mind… leaving him out would have allowed more time to focus on the symbiote.

Still, it was fun and worth seeing. We bought our tickets at Unos before heading over to the theater (they have discount prices, $7 each) but when Dave got the receipt to sign, it was for $0.00. So unless they changed the receipt amount after we left (which doesn’t seem legal) the tickets were free. Free movies are always more enjoyable.

Start the day out right!

Mmm, now this is the way to start the day… a fresh-made belgian waffle, topped with a pile of fresh organic strawberries, and a dollop of whipped cream.


Cinco de Mayo

Yawn… just got back from Cinco de Mayo party at Jake and Paola’s. As usual, Jake had a great spread of food. I had so much to eat, I’m stuffed. And so much to drink, I’m wobbly…

Took a few photos.

We sat around a fire outside, so I came home permeated with the smell of smoke.


Mmmm, had a busy day… now I’m ready for some serious sleep.

Maybe go see Spider-man 3 tomorrow.

Now, bed.

Free Comic Book Day

Went to That’s Entertainment to check out Free Comic Book Day… picked up some free comics, bought a graphic novel (book 2 of Walking Dead), perused the shelves.


That’s Entertainment is always fun to wander, they have lots of random memorabilia along with all the comics.

Rail Trail

I went with Ben and his family on a rail trail ride this morning. I overslept and almost missed it, but got up just in time to scramble out the door and get there 10 minutes late.

It was really sunny when I left, so I only wore a t-shirt… it got overcast after that, and was slightly chilly, but not bad, still pretty nice weather.

The ride was nice and easy, since it was a family ride – slow, and only 10.5 miles – the perfect first ride of the year. Ben’s also doing another ride tomorrow, but that one’s more hardcore, and at 7am. Even if I were in shape for that, which I’m not sure of, I had enough trouble getting to the 10am ride this morning.

rail trail

I took a bunch of pictures, mostly while riding, so they’re probably a bit blurry and badly composed.

Now I’m taking a little break, having a cup of coffee, and then I think I’ll go over to That’s Entertainment and check out Free Comic Book Day.