Rail Trail

I went with Ben and his family on a rail trail ride this morning. I overslept and almost missed it, but got up just in time to scramble out the door and get there 10 minutes late.

It was really sunny when I left, so I only wore a t-shirt… it got overcast after that, and was slightly chilly, but not bad, still pretty nice weather.

The ride was nice and easy, since it was a family ride – slow, and only 10.5 miles – the perfect first ride of the year. Ben’s also doing another ride tomorrow, but that one’s more hardcore, and at 7am. Even if I were in shape for that, which I’m not sure of, I had enough trouble getting to the 10am ride this morning.

rail trail

I took a bunch of pictures, mostly while riding, so they’re probably a bit blurry and badly composed.

Now I’m taking a little break, having a cup of coffee, and then I think I’ll go over to That’s Entertainment and check out Free Comic Book Day.

2 thoughts on “Rail Trail”

  1. That looked like fun! Nice rail trail too- looks very similar to the ones out here. I should get out my bike for a first ride…I feel like 10 miles would be way more than I could do- but maybe it’s not as crazy as it sounds…

    1. 10 miles on a rail trail is *really* easy. It’s smooth and mostly flat, so there’s hardly any pedaling, even.

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