Fantastic, go see it.
Not quite as creepy as the book, but still plenty dark.

If you can, see it in 3D.

The credits are also animated all the way through. =)

Indiana Jones

So Dr. Jones is back for one more round, they just announced the title of the new movie, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull“. Doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Also, I read “Holes” tonight. Good little tale, a quick and enjoyable read.

Spider-man 3

I went to see Spider-man 3 last night. Not bad. Had some good Spidy action, some funny parts. The story felt a little crowded with 3 villains. Including the Sandman was unnecessary in my mind… leaving him out would have allowed more time to focus on the symbiote.

Still, it was fun and worth seeing. We bought our tickets at Unos before heading over to the theater (they have discount prices, $7 each) but when Dave got the receipt to sign, it was for $0.00. So unless they changed the receipt amount after we left (which doesn’t seem legal) the tickets were free. Free movies are always more enjoyable.