Training? Bleh.

After missing out on the FlashForward conference, I started looking around for other conferences and training available.

Nothing out there has caught my eye. It all seems bland and uninteresting next to FlashForward.

The more I look around, the more depressed I get that I’m not going to FlashForward. It looks exciting and interesting, and looked like there was lots of new stuff to learn. And this is the one time FlashForward’s in Boston, so probably missed my only chance to go for years.

Bleh. This is going to be a great week, the rest of the week I can be thinking about the fun things Adam and the others are doing at FlashForward, while I slog through bug fixes.

No Flash for Me

Damn. I had been looking forward to going to the FlashForward conference in Boston later this week. I was approved by my manager and director to go, but the process of getting info on how to actually get a ticket purchased took so long, that in the meantime, the conference sold out. So no fun Flash learnings for Tev.