Macs In Maine

Made it to Maine ok… forgot to pick up apples to make apple pie with, so on the way, I called Judy and she picked some up.

Gave Judy her early Christmas presents – a new iMac and iPod Nano. I figured since she could make use of them now, better to give them now instead of waiting a month.

I hooked the old iMac to the new one with an ethernet cable and sat for a while transferring files and eating Judy’s homemade beef stew, my favorite, yum!

The iPod nano is really sharp… I think it has the same resolution screen as the full-size iPod, I synched her photos to it and they look great on that small screen.

Now “I’m So Tired” is playing on iTunes, and I’m feeling pretty tired myself. It’s a long drive to Maine.

Gotta get up reasonably early tomorrow to make the apple pie… I’ve never made apple pie from scratch before, should be interesting. =)

Video cable for iPod Classic

My new iPod needed a special new cable to output video (par for Apple), so I ordered one. It arrived last night and I replaced the cable I was using in my car with the new cable.

So Prius + AV mod + iPod Classic + iPod AV cable = video on Prius.

Not that I will use it much (definitely not while driving) but still kinda cool.

The aspect ratio is funky on the Prius, it takes 4×3 video but shows it wider, since the screen isn’t 4×3. I suppose I could figure out what the aspect ratio is, and put video on my iPod that is appropriately squished, so when it get stretched on the Prius, it shows in the right aspect (though slightly cropped on top and bottom)…

(my aspect ratio math here)

new iPod!

I wasn’t planning on it, but I picked up a new iPod on the way home last night.
I got the 80GB “Classic” iPod, in black.

My old iPod still works fine, but I thought it would be nice to have a color screen, and be able to view photos and watch videos.

The new one holds twice as much (80GB vs. 40GB) but is half as thick. That’s technology for ya.

Here they are side by side. Click the image for more photos.