I haven’t slept well in the past few days (only had one full night’s sleep in the past week) because of stress, and the side effects of stress (being sick).

But there were a couple dreams I remembered.

In one, I am in a hallway. I think it’s a school of some sort, a college or a high school, though not one I attended. We are playing a game, in two teams. I don’t really know the people on either team, except for Snooj, who is on the other team.

The game is a mix of Scrabble and football. I don’t know how to play, so Snooj is explaining the rules to me. But because he is on the other team, he is telling them to me all wrong, so his team will win.

I fumble around, trying to figure out how to score points, but I don’t understand the game at all. The whistle blows, and I slink back to my team. “What they hell was that?!?” they shout, “he played several words, and you only put down part of one, and it doesn’t even spell anything!”

I am ashamed and embarrassed as I look back and see that I have apprently tried to play “XVGRN”.

In another dream, I am in a building, which I think is based on my fuzzy rememberings of Twitchell Hill. It has multiple floors with one side open to a large room, and ladders and stairways connecting the floors.

It is set up like a newsroom, each desk has a typewriter and stacks of papers. I am part of the team there, and we are working on the One Laptop Per Child project. People are running updates and testing networking protocols. I have to search around for adaptors to connect them to a wired LAN.

At the time I didn’t notice, but now that I think about it, the OLPC laptops we were working on were actually Apple iPhones.

We are working frantically, and I come in waving a newspaper. I point to an article about the success of the OLPC in Peru, and we all get very emotional, seeing how our hard work has paid off, knowing that we have changed the lives of some children.


Rushing off to Maine – supposed to meet Aaron, Judy and Marcye at Old Orchard Beach in a hour, it takes two hours to get there so I’ll be an hour late. Gaaah!

Only got halfway through prepping the laptop I’m giving to Judy, so I can’t bring it with me today to give to her. Gaaah!

Leaving a bunch of cleaning things that I was in the middle of, who knows when I’ll be able to get back to them. Gaaah!



I took a break from cleaning yesterday and played some Bioshock – but now I’m behind on everything. Serves me right for trying to relax for a while. Gaaaah!

I can actually feel my neck tensing when I get stressed like this.

Sigh. Better go, I’m already late.