Day Off!

Staples doesn’t get many holidays off (7 throughout the year) so I thought today was a workday. I looked through the internal memos yesterday, and there was no mention of it being a holiday.

Good thing I carpool, I was outside Carl’s house and he ran out to tell me to go home. =)

Bonus extended weekend!

The Long and Winding Road

The 4th at Snooj’s was fun. I got there a bit early and played with Parker on the trampoline. I tried to use the surface of the trampoline to explain how gravity is actually a distortion in the fabric of space, but Parker was insistant that we play his game instead, where he does some acrobatic feat on the trampoline, and then I land on my head trying to copy it.

Austin arrived, then more friends, families and cohorts trickled in. Austin was grillmaster, and had to keep repeating “no, I’m not a vegetarian” – not sure why everyone thinks he is… he just has a vegetarian vibe to him, I guess.

4th food
Here are the pictures I took at Snooj’s

There was paintball target shooting, stickball, couch wrestling, and more frivolity.

Finally, I headed out around 11:30 or midnight.

At that point, it was raining, and as I drove, the rain increased to a hammering force. I drove more slowly than on the way there, I didn’t want to hydroplane or anything.

I was very tired, and only 2/3 the way home, when I noticed the music I was listening to was cutting out. It wasn’t my iPod, or the car stereo, rather it was my consciousness flickering out momentarily. At the next rest stop I pulled over and took a nap. I may have mentioned, my ideal sleeping conditions are being a passenger in a car, at night, during a rainstorm, where it’s cold and there is just a little bit of heat coming from the heater. Something about the sound of the wet tires, the rhythm of the wipers, the cold and warmth that just put me right out.

After a 20-minute nap, I was rested enough to drive the rest of the way home, whereupon I dropped into a deep sleep, for about 3 or 4 hours, when my alarm clock’s angry beeps roused me.

My body is a bit sore today, all that trampolining and wrestling on my unfit and aging body… my neck and spine are especially sore, due to the tag-team combo of trampolining and lots of driving.

I decided instead of driving to NJ tonight (and getting there close to midnight) I’ll instead leave tomorrow morning (getting there close to noon). Plus that means Sarah can come visit tonight, she hurt her back holding down a struggling patient yesterday, so we can trade back massages (though I think I’m getting the better half of that particular trade 😉