Feedback loop failure

When I get things done, I feel good. When I don’t get things done, I feel bad. This is a feedback loop with both positive and negative reenforcement.

So why do I hardly ever seem to get things done?

I spent most of the weekend sitting on the couch or staring stupidly of piles of stuff that needs to get done, but taking no action.

Death and Doom

I’ve been terribly depressed the past week.

My grandfather is dying, my father is sick, my uncle had pretty serious cancer, my aunt has a whole slew of maladies, my mother is talking about what to do if she becomes terminally ill, I’m a week behind with code at work, and my girlfriend’s work schedule conspires with my own to keep me alone.

Usually, I can deal with stress pretty well, but lately it’s been getting to me.

I need something good for a change.

The prognosis on my grandfather is that he won’t last the weekend. I was out there tonight, I’m going out again tomorrow to be with him.

My mood lately can be summed up with: *sigh*