The cord is cut!

Got my new ATSC Tuner last night, it’s a Samsung DTBH260F. It works well, I can now get digital TV in my room. I got it because it has a variety of outputs, including HDMI.

I have a couple complaints about it:

  • It doesn’t let you put your own labels on channels, I would much rather see “NBC” than “WZDLMHD” or whatever. Not having labels makes it very hard to tell what’s what when flipping through channels.
  • Although the manual seems to say it does, it doesn’t switch aspect settings automatically. I have a 16:9 screen, I would expect if the content was 4:3, it would switch to “pillar” mode (black bars on the left and right) automatically, which is what the manual seems to say, but I have to do it manually.

Returned the cable boxes and cable cards to Charter this morning.
I couldn’t find the component cables, but they didn’t need them back.
They are supposed to shut off the cable today, then we’re rid of them.