I’ve been doing a little slide scanning, when I was at my grandfather’s house after the funeral, I found a few trays of slides in his basement, under some odds and ends. I’ve scanned about 60 so far. A lot of the photos are over or under exposed, to the point of not being useful, the slides weren’t sorted, just slapped into trays. There are even black slides and end-of-roll slides in there.

Right now I’m just scanning them in and saving them, I chose to do them at 600 DPI, seems a reasonable tradeoff between quality, size and speed. If there are any standout images I’ll do touch up and restoration work on them.

Here’s kind of a fun one, it appears to be my parents dressed up for halloween, my mom looks like she’s dressed as Rosie the Riveter, my dad looks like he’s dressed as a millionaire.

One thought on “Scannin’”

  1. Wow! What a great photo! I don’t remember that at all! It must be the fall of 1969, which would mean we were both 21. I can tell that’s when it had to be as the ONLY time that Neil did not have a beard back then was when we came back from California. I think I’m supposed to be a mechanic – wearing one of Neil’s coveralls with a pipe wrench tied on with rope, grease on my face, and a can of beer (empty) in my hand. Not sure what the hell that is on my head. Neil looks very dapper!

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