Alexa… OWLS!

Here’s a partial transcript of talking to Amazon Echo (with the initial “Alexa” keyword taken out).  Ronin likes owls, so Sarah wanted to get the Echo to play the sound of an owl.

Sarah:  What does an owl say?

Echo: Sorry, I couldn’t find the answer to your question.

Sarah: Search owl sounds.

Echo: Playing samples from “Scary Sounds: Halloween Ringtones” track “Creepy Laugh” [it is a creepy laugh, not an owl]

Tev: Play owl sounds.

Echo: I couldn’t find anything by the artist “owl”. Playing “Owl City” on iHeartRadio.

Tev: Play “owl hoot sound effect” [referencing a specific track I looked up on Amazon Prime Music]

Echo: I couldn’t find “owl hoot sound effect”, playing “Television Theme Songs” from iHeartRadio.

Tev: Play animal so-

Echo: [cutting me off] Playing music by “The Animals” from Amazon Prime.

Tev: Play the track “owl sound effect”.

Echo: I couldn’t find “How Old Sound Effects”, playing Coleman Hawkins from Amazon Prime Music.

Tev: Play the song called “animals – owl sound effect”.

Echo: Playing “Animals – Owl Hoot Sound Effect” [finally plays an owl sound]

[I make a playlist of 4 owl sound effects from Amazon Prime Music, and call the playlist “Owl Sounds”]

Tev: Play the “Owl Sounds” playlist.

Echo: Playing “Owl Sounds” playlist. [plays the 4 short owl clips]

Sarah: I think two of those were Mourning Doves.