The Coffee Generation

I was talking to Cecelia yesterday, she’s a Sophomore in high school, and she was telling me that they now offer coffee for the students.

She goes through several cups a day. Got me thinking, with all the Starbuckses and Dunkin Donutses around these days, coffee must be at an all-time high in popularity.

I wonder what will become of this current generation of fast-paced, coffee-powered, communication-age people?

I’m not saying previous generations were any better, or that there’s anything wrong with the combination of caffeine and technology, I’m just legitimately curious about what this will produce, socially, artistically, politically… whatever happens, should be an interesting ride, they’re a savvy bunch.

One thought on “The Coffee Generation”

  1. After we had talked about this, I was driving home and stopped in at one of the plazas for…a coffee. I was at one of those horrible Lavazza stands and there was a young teenager getting a coffee next to me. He looked about 13 or 14. He was plenty hyped up anyway…didn’t look like he needed it (I, on the other hand, really needed it! :P) I went to get milk and there were like 3 other 14 year olds filling up their respective coffees. Between the coffee and the french fries, I’d say those kids are really forming some good habits…

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