Driving home last night, I hit a deer.

Lucky for me, the deer was already dead, but by the time I saw it lying in my lane there was no time to swerve around it. I had to go straight over it, with a loud, horrible thump-thump-thump as my car failed to clear the height of the deer.

By the side of the road, I saw a maroon SUV pulled into the breakdown lane… I figured they either did the same thing I did, or perhaps hit the deer when it originally took its ill-fated walk onto the interstate.

I was really tired when I got home, and it was dark, so I wasn’t able to fully check out to see if there was any damage. I peered underneath, and didn’t see any fluids dripping from the car, so I don’t think the gast tank or brake lines were damaged. Today after work I’ll give a full look-see. It was Adam’s turn to drive today, so my car is taking a rest at home right now.

The Prius is designed to have a pretty flat underside, so I’m hoping the deer just glanced off without any damage.

One thought on “thumpity-thump-thump”

  1. oh damn you were serious! Jaysus, what is with the dead deer attacking you people’s cars? Hoo-whee…hope your car is ok. If not, *I’ll* be the one chauffeuring us around 😛

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