Mail Woes

If you tried to email me at my tev (at) tev (dot) net account in the past two weeks, I didn’t get it – there was some kind of glitch at Points South that resulted in my mail bouncing instead of getting through.

Should be fixed now though, Alex started looking at it yesterday and figured it out today around noon. I tried a couple tests and they got through ok.

Since mail was bouncing, I think that two weeks of mail is gone forever. Snooj mentioned they might have the last day or two in a buffer, but I’m not counting on that, since it was bouncing in a weird way.

Which sucks… I was wondering why I never got an email notice when my E*Trade stock purchase went through, or when I tried that RealAge thing…

I’ve been toying with the idea of handling my mail through google, which would make sense since I use the gmail interface to check my mail anyway… I think I just have to get my mxrecords to point to gmail or something. Maybe I’ll look into it this weekend.

– – –

On the plus side, my E*Trade stock purchase cleared today, might take another day or two to transfer it into my bank account, but then I can pay off my discover card and car, and I’ll be debt free! Yay!

3 thoughts on “Mail Woes”

  1. Yeah, I looked at the problem when I got in touch with Alex and your domain was just missing from Exim’s list of local domains. I had Alex add it back in and shazam it was working. Very bizarre, the only way it could have been removed is if someone removed it.

    Using gmail directly is pretty sweet, we’re doing that with some domains up here.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know. I just tried a test and it got rejected for looping again. If you go with gmail, I’ll be curious how you like it. Dan uses it and I don’t care much for the way it displays.

    Love J.

    ps I’ll try another test again later. Maybe turning my compression off might help??

  3. Maybe I am getting through??? Right now I’m getting old messages from a day or so ago bounced back with thousands of characters added on where my message was. This is weird shit!!!

    Love J.

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