Operation: Debt Free!

I’ve been debating a plan to get debt-free, after talking about it for a while, Adam was like “stop talking about it, just do it already!” So I did.

On Friday, I cashed out some stock, not a lot, but enough to pay off my car, pay off my credit card… and some left over in case Apple comes out with a new iPhone next month. Heh, you didn’t think I was going to be *too* responsible, did you?

It takes a few days for the stock sale to go through, so I probably won’t have everything paid off until next week. But it’ll be sweet to have no debt. Well, I will still have the house mortgage, but that’s still cheaper than rent. And I’d been putting $500 or more a month towards credit cards, and $666 a month for my car payment, so it will be like getting a $1000 a month raise!

I could even do something crazy, like save some of it or something. Right now I don’t really have any savings to speak of. I have like $50 in a savings account. Yeah.

Here’s to debt-free-ness!

2 thoughts on “Operation: Debt Free!”

  1. I’m jealous. My school loans are going to hound me for a long-ass time. And my credit card too. Meh. But I’m happy for you! Yay!

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