Berlin Day 2

Here are some things I wrote that day, but due to spotty internet, couldn’t post:

Written that morning

Getting off to a bit of a late start today. Had a nice breakfast in the hotel, while browsing the web, reading and writing a few emails, and booking my train and hotel for München (Munich).

My plan today is to eat some lunch around 1pm, then take a walking tour of Berlin, which starts at 3pm and goes for 4 hours. When it gets over, I figure I might quickly check out the Jüdisches Museum, which is open till 8pm.

Hmm, or maybe I’ll go to the Jüdisches Museum first, and eat lunch there. Probably a little pricey to eat in the museum cafe, but might save some walking-around time. Also, would be nice if I could find a cheap watch someplace, hmm… alternatively, I could take my DS with me, that has a clock in it. Or my iPod, that has a clock too. Guess even without a watch, I have several timepieces.

My throat’s been a little sore since sitting for an hour in the smoking area on the train, and my feet have a few blisters… I noticed a store around the corner, maybe I’ll pick up some cough drops and foot pads (especially if I’m going to be walking all day.

Written that afternoon in my notebook

I spent too long at the Jüdisches Museum and ran hopelessly to try and go 15 blocks in 8 minutes.

Instead of arriving 15 minutes early, as I had planned, I arrived 15 minutes late, and on top of that, couldn’t find the meeting place mentioned. After a few minutes of walking around looking for the Mama Cafe, I gave up and sat down in the park by the river to rest my feet.

It’s probably just as well I missed out on 4 hours of walking, since my feet have taken quite a beating in the past few days, and my blisters have blisters, in a Dr. Seuss-like manner.

I spread my towel on the grass (of course, a good traveler always has his towel with him), and take a little rest and drink some water.

relaxing by the river

A kid wandered around the park, bashing out some kind of tune on accordion in the hopes of getting some coins. He’s currently hovering over my head as I write this. What seemed melodic from a distance seems much more discordant from up close. He continues to play until I give him a coin to make him go away. It’s entertainment in reverse, where you pay for the music to stop playing.

Nearby a man who looks like a heavy from “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” is rather appropriately describing, in a British accent, the meaning of “double-barreled shotgun” to his two German blokes.

All three are bald-headed and tough-looking. One is in military fatigues, and his arms are lined with tattoos. His rough appearance is ruined, however, by his golden retriever puppy, who keeps jumping up on his lap and licking his face, causing the man to laugh and rub the puppy’s head.

After a while they get up and walk off, the puppy trotting along behind them on a leash.

I wonder what my next move should be. I check my iPod, it’s 5 minutes to 4pm. Most stuff closes at 6pm, though I could try another shot at the Holocaust Museum, which should be open till 8.

I watch tour boats go by on the river, and wonder if I should take one. It’s nice and relaxing here on the grass, though. I just want to rest awhile. I am on vacation, after all.

Is a moment savored
a wasted one
if nothing is accomplished?

After a while of resting, I check my iPodwatch. 4:17pm. Probably time I should leave Monbijou Park and visit something. Food maybe. My large breakfast is starting to wear off. I ate a small bag of chips while sitting here, but I could do with a proper meal.

My Lonely Planet guide book says there is a good falafel stand down the street a bit, by Oranienburger Tor. There’s also a subway station there if I want to go someplace after.

Ok, up and at ’em.