No longer a student!

I just paid off the last $200 on my student loans!

It took me like 10 years to pay it all… I was only paying like $100 a month, since it was fairly low interest, so was in no rush to pay it off ahead of other debt.

Now now my debt’s just down to house, car, and a bit on a credit card.

Paying off the car would be nice, since the payments on that are evil (think the number of the beast) – basically the previous car loan got rolled into the current one, so it’s very expensive. However, to pay it off I’d have to cash in some of my stock options, which I’m loathe to do when the market is so crappy.

One thought on “No longer a student!”

  1. Congrats, Tev! I paid my share off when I sold the house. Otherwise I’d probably still be paying it.

    love J.

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