The Self-Improvement of Salvatore Ross

Things have been going well, lately I’ve been strangely focused and *gasp* doing things I set out to do.
The year’s only just begun, and here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

* Lowered my sugar intake to under 50g per day
* Eliminated caffeine from my diet
* Stopped using “snooze” on my alarm
* Changed the time I get up from 8:00am to 6:30am
* Going to yoga class once a week
* Going to the gym for an hour every other day
* Scanning and filing paper as it arrives
* Registered with national junk mail blocking
* Consolidated two computers down to one (ok, I’m still working on this one, but I’ll be done this weekend)
* Replaced my cellphone with one that is reliable (my Razr had bad battery life and a habit of turning itself off)
* Scanned hundreds of slides for my mom (though I still need to mail her the CD)

What’s next?


* Scan bazillions of photos, slides and negatives from Papa’s house
* Sort/scan/toss 10+ years of paper (I have boxes and boxes just full of paper)
* General cleanup, give away or sell stuff I don’t need
* Produce at least one creative project a week
* Learn to play keyboard
* Learn to program Cocoa (and possibly iPhone when SDK comes out)
* Fix the damn MAME machine
And many more…

7 thoughts on “The Self-Improvement of Salvatore Ross”

    1. I’m using a V700 Epson Perfection… that’s probably overkill for most people, but I knew I would be scanning literally thousands of slides, negatives, and photos, and it got excellent reviews.

  1. Your eariler post has inspired me to stop using my snooze button, this one reinforces it.

    If the solidarity helps, I’ve been going to the gym a lot, too. I haven’t yet noticed much fat melting away, but I’m definitely getting my old muscle tone back. It’s just a softer, gentler muscle tone.

    1. Yeah, my friend Dave started going to the gym regularly, so I go with him first thing in the morning… if he weren’t going, I don’t think I’d have the motivation at 6:45 in the morning.

      I haven’t noticed any weight loss or added muscle tone yet, but I’ve only been going a couple weeks now.

  2. Jesus Christ! I’ve spawned a SuperSon! Now how did that happen? I now am a member of both the Y and a gym, so I have no excuse for not going to one of them. Vacation for me next week, so maybe I can start some new habits. I’ve kicked caffeine, but along with that came a harder time getting up and out to exercise in the a.m. For me that means getting up at 5:30. Well, can’t let the kiddies get too far ahead of you, so I guess I better get my ass in gear. REally, really glad to hear about those slides! I’ve got only about 100 to go that I have to put into events….but I still have to do tags on them. I’m hoping life will slow down soon, so I can catch up….pant, pant….

    Love J.

  3. Go Go GadgetTev!! You just keep on keeping on, and I’ll keep trying to keep up.

    Gotta work on that gym thing. And the sugar thing.

    The snooze thing….man. What would I do without snooze? I’d probably be finished with a doctorate by now. 😛

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