winter spring cleaning

I’ve been using my morning time to clean, been going through boxes of old documents and throwing/scanning/filing them as needed.

I’m also trying to pare down my electronics, sold my old Sony eBook reader to Scott today, Lyn’s taking my old scanner, sounds like Ben will probably buy my MacBook when I get my new Mac Pro in 3 weeks. He might also buy my old projector.

I have a machine I was building to be a Linux multimedia box, even has a cable-ready card and USB IR receiver… dunno what I’ll do with that, maybe keep it, maybe give it away…

There’s a small pile of old cellphones and accessories I should probably drop in the donation tube at work…

When I get my Mac Pro, I can also get rid of my old Dell desktop, maybe give it to my dad or something.

Sarah will probably take my old Apple (pismo) Powerbook, it just needs a new battery.

I need to see if my mom still wants my old Dell laptop, I can clean that up for her (needs a new battery).

Ben mentioned there’s a company that will replace the power cells *inside* a laptop battery for half the price of buying a replacement, sounds like that might be a good option for replacing those batteries.

I ordered my Mac Pro with the “recycle an old computer” option, so Apple will send a label so I can toss an old computer (I’m thinking the old 386 Compaq laptop running Windows 3.11) into a box and bring it down the street to FedEx where it will go to silicon heaven.

Magazines… I have so many. I want to keep the Make magazines, but I have years worth of Wired, the entire run of Mac Addict, a few years of Maximum PC, and a few others. Maybe my brother or someone would want the NewType anime magazines… not sure if anyone would want the Wireds or others…

Clean, Clean, Clean!

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