Initial Plan

I sat down with Marco and Alice today and sketched out a rough outline of my tour of Germany.

5/17 – Marco’s
Arrive, hang out with Marco.
Acclimate to local time.
Make plans.

5/18 – Maxon and Frankfurt
Go with Marco to work and see what Maxon is like.
Visit Frankfurt in the evening, buy 5-day German Rail Pass (189€ or about $256).

5/19 – Rotenburg
Visit Rotenburg with Marco and family.

5/20 – Berlin
Take train to Berlin.
Look at Berlin.

5/21 – Berline
Continue exploring Berlin.

5/22 – Berlin
More Berlin.

5/23 – Munich
Travel to Munich.
Explore Munich.

5/24 – Munich
More Munich.

5/25 – Stuttgart, Heidelberg
On the way back to Frankfurt, explore places on the way.

5/26 – Cologne
Travel with Marco to his parents’ in Cologne.

5/27 – Cologne
More Cologne.

5/28 – Around
See stuff.

5/29 – Return
Fly back to Boston

5/30 – Work at Staples
If I’m conscious.

Still need to flesh out the details, but that’s the general outline.

Will cost 189€ for rail pass, probably 200€ for hotel rooms (~40€ x 5 nights)
Total travel costs, ~400€ (~$543), not counting plane, food, and shopping.

2 thoughts on “Initial Plan”

  1. Sounds like fun! oh! Cologne, I totally forgot about that city- my brother really likes Cologne…

    Oh and um, if you aren’t completely worn out from your trip, I’m going down to NYC for a party for my bro’s graduation on June…1? 2? Something like that…you are invited to come with me…but I totally understand if you get back and never want to go anywhere for…awhile 🙂

    1. Yeah, I’d probably be up for it. At that point I’ll have had a couple days to recover from Germany.

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