time hates me sometimes

Sometimes it feels like time is closing in on me, there isn’t enough time to do all that needs to be done. Ideas go unremarked, projects go undone, deadlines close in like freight trains… if I’m not fast on my feet, a train will hit me, and I’ll be knocked right out of my Keds like the kid in Stand By Me.

So many things I want to try… so many things I have to do… and never enough time for any of it.

I haven’t exercised in weeks, I haven’t done anything creative… I haven’t even played video games much. I’m behind at work, behind at home, and I’m not sure where all the time goes.

Sometimes it seems like all I ever do is drive from place to place.

2 thoughts on “time hates me sometimes”

  1. Oh, yeah. I know that feeling. Like an avalanche looming overhead. Like grades close in 2 weeks and I haven’t even BEGUN working on report cards, to say nothing of the work I’ve yet to grade.

    And now you have to take yet another long ride to Maine! Well, maybe you can listen to a book while you ride. That’s always relaxing. The roads should be okay, anyway. take care, though. There are always crazies out there…people in too much of a hurry, taking too many risks. Better to take it slow. Things all work out in the end.

    Remember: don’t panic.
    love J.

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