2 thoughts on “CalorieKing”

  1. How long have you been using CalorieKing?

    Does the interface run well on a slow computer? I tried using SparkPeople but the “consumption log” was just so painful to use on anything slower than a super fast computer.

    1. Hmm, dunno, I haven’t really tried it on a super-slow machine, just my MacBook, and G5 tower at work. It’s a web app, so if the machine can handle FireFox decently, should be ok. It’s not particularly high-bandwidth… the AJAX requests might take a couple seconds to refresh content sometimes, but that’s just when updating the meal diary, and doesn’t impact usability for me…

      Maybe I’ll try running the page from the Wii Opera browser tonight, that should be a good test of a slower machine. =)

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