Missed Comedy

There was a perfect opportunity for comedy, if only a few more names had fallen into place.

The President of China, Hu Jintao, gave a speech.
Think about it…

Reporter 1: So who is speaking now?
Reporter 2: That’s right.
Reporter 1: No, I asked you who’s giving the speech?
Reporter 2: Ya.
Reporter 1: So Ya is speaking now?
Reporter 2: No, Hu is speaking now, Ya is up later.

and so on…

3 thoughts on “Missed Comedy”

    1. One of the best “Who’s on First” variants I’ve seen is from the cartoon Animaniacs. Slappy squirrel and her nephew Skippy are at the original Woodstock concert…

      Slappy keeps asking “What’s the name of group playing now?” and Skippy keeps saying “Who.”…

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