Alexa… OWLS!

Here’s a partial transcript of talking to Amazon Echo (with the initial “Alexa” keyword taken out). ¬†Ronin likes owls, so Sarah wanted to get the Echo to play the sound of an owl.

Sarah:  What does an owl say?

Echo: Sorry, I couldn’t find the answer to your question.

Sarah: Search owl sounds.

Echo: Playing samples from “Scary Sounds: Halloween Ringtones” track “Creepy Laugh” [it is a creepy laugh, not an owl]

Tev: Play owl sounds.

Echo: I couldn’t find anything by the artist “owl”. Playing “Owl City” on iHeartRadio.

Tev: Play “owl hoot sound effect” [referencing a specific track I looked up on Amazon Prime Music]

Echo: I couldn’t find “owl hoot sound effect”, playing “Television Theme Songs” from iHeartRadio.

Tev: Play animal so-

Echo: [cutting me off] Playing music by “The Animals” from Amazon Prime.

Tev: Play the track “owl sound effect”.

Echo: I couldn’t find “How Old Sound Effects”, playing Coleman Hawkins from Amazon Prime Music.

Tev: Play the song called “animals – owl sound effect”.

Echo: Playing “Animals – Owl Hoot Sound Effect” [finally plays an owl sound]

[I make a playlist of 4 owl sound effects from Amazon Prime Music, and call the playlist “Owl Sounds”]

Tev: Play the “Owl Sounds” playlist.

Echo: Playing “Owl Sounds” playlist. [plays the 4 short owl clips]

Sarah: I think two of those were Mourning Doves.