I’m now officially underway… I’m in JFK now, I have 4 hours until my flight to Germany leaves.

I was stressed yesterday, but now that I’m in the process I’m pretty relaxed. I’ve flown often enough that it’s a familiar, easy process and so far it’s all gone nicely.

In the connector flight from Boston to NY I sat next to a nice guy who, it turns out, also lives in Worcester. He works at Astra-Zenica, inspecting labels on bottles all day to make sure they are correct. He says if he makes a mistake, people could die, so he is under tremendous stress all the time, and often just collapses in bed when he gets home after work. He was going to JFK to get a flight to London, where he will visit a friend there and then continue on to Ghana.

I had lunch at Boston-Logan, a side salad and plain baked potato from Wendy’s. Healthy and cheap food from an airport fast food joint. Who knew? Cost $2, less than bottled water.

Man, my neck hurts. Those little planes are not comfortable.

I just noticed a Nintendo DS demo station. Interesting. Cheap enough for Delta and Nintendo to do, since it’s basically just a DS that’s plugged in and running a custom cartridge. Cool to see one in the wild.

DS download station

Now I’ve got a few more hours to kill. My defective laptop battery will give up soon, and the power plugs here seem to be disabled. Bastards, can’t give a little free power to their customers…

Guess I’ll play some DS and flip though some books on Germany.