Not to Scale

I went to the doctor today. He said I had damaged a ligament, not a disc. Which is good news, but will still take a while to heal. Hopefully it doesn’t snow for a while.

Part of getting my vitals taken was being weighed. I discovered my scale is not only inconsistent, it is also inaccurate.

My scale gives a range of readings, depending on where I stand on the scale.
Front of scale: 143.0. Middle of scale: 145.6. Back of scale: 146.4.

The doctor’s scale, which I’m guessing is more accurate, came out thusly: 137.

Definitely time for a new scale, methinks.

The ONE thing a scale is supposed to be good at is determining your weight…

He One Spinal Cracker

My back’s been bothering me – not severely, but intermittently – ever since one of the many rounds of shoveling this winter.

This morning I decided to try stretching, to see if I could get my back to snap back into place or something.

I made it worse. =(

Now it hurts a lot more… my theory is that it’s a slipped disc, since prodding my spine, I can feel a very tender spot between two of my vertebrae. However, it could also be a micro-fracture, or muscle-related.

I think I’ll try and schedule an appointment with my doctor, to get a spinal x-ray to figure out what’s going on.
Then I can figure out if I need a chiropractor, a lot of massage, or a back brace. =P