Mass Effect

Got back into playing Mass Effect on the Xbox360 last night. I was playing it a while back but got distracted by something shiny, now I’m coming back to it.

It’s well-written, and very cinematic. And features some moral choices that are actual decisions… some games give you choices like “do you become an assassin or a bounty hunter?” but Mass Effect does it better, with some more subtle, or lose-lose choices. Like last night I was playing a level where two of my teammates are in different areas fighting off a lot of enemy forces. I could go provide help to one or the other, but the one I didn’t help would die.

Inventory management is Mass Effect, as in Fallout 3, is annoying. I guess Fallout 3 was more annoying since it had encumbrance rules, but in Mass Effect I’m constantly running out of room to hold things and have to melt them down for scrap. It wouldn’t be so bad if the interface wasn’t so clunky for it.

But overall, really fun. I’m about 24 hours in and feels like about halfway through.

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