Surgery gone wrong…ish

So I’m in a hospital bed recovering from the surgery… but things didn’t go as planned.

They started out laparoscopically, but visibily was poor orf something, so instead of laparoscopically, they switched to full-blown, cut-me-open surgery.

The result? Well, the surgery is done, apparently a success, but because of the big hole they cut open, it’s MUCH more painful then it would have been, and recovery time is DAYS at the hospital, instead of hours.

I’m gonna hit my morphine button now. More later.

11 thoughts on “Surgery gone wrong…ish”

  1. Ouch

    Sorry to hear that Tev. Get better soon. The funny thing is I got a hernia today and have to have surgery next week too!

    Jared Kaber

  2. What!!! They sliced up my perfect child! That does indeed suck! I’ll come down to see you in the hospital this week-end.

    love J.

  3. man, I dunno about that. Did they like, get half done and then the candle in their laproscope burned out?

    1. No, I heard “a couple days, but it varies patient to patient”…

      I’m not sure if that “couple days” includes today… So I’ll probably go home some time between tomorrow and Tuesday…

  4. I’ll try calling you tomorrow. I’m assuming I’ll have to call the hospital. I know when Dan was in, they didn’t let you use your cell phone. Do you know the number?

    love J.

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