A breakfast of Pain

I managed to make a fairly decent-looking omelette this morning. Normally I mangle them and they turn out as Scombelettesâ„¢, a sort of patchwork scrambled omelette.

But this morning I used a smaller pan, lower heat, and realized that omelettes are folded, not flipped. It didn’t come out perfect, but it was a lot closer to an omelette shape than I’ve come before.

Then I sat down and began to eat my creation, reading a magazine article about the sound design in Wall-E.

Chew, chew, chew, CRUNCH!


I had just bit into my tongue. Hard.
I’ve bit my tongue before, but this was by far the biggest gash I’d made in the ol’ word-waggler.

(It doesn’t look that bad in the photo, but that cut is pretty deep)

After stanching the flow of blood with several paper towels, I found my tongue now alternates between feeling fine and feeling a aching, stabbing pain, like a toothache in my tongue, causing me to wince.

Two hours later, it’s still like that. Fine, fine, fine, fine, PAIN.

Any kind of food or drink brings on the pain. So until it gets better, I guess I’m fasting, maybe gently sipping some water to stay hydrated.


3 thoughts on “A breakfast of Pain”

    1. I used Scope, which stung a little, but I figured the alcohol would sorta sterilize it a little.

      Now, two days later, it’s pretty much healed. Not completely, but decently.

      Which I am amazed by, seeing as the human mouth is a fairly filthy environment, and the tongue is basically just a big slab of muscle.

      Guess muscle heals faster than skin, a similar cut on my hand would still be healing.

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