More lazy programmers

I downloaded the Photoshop demo installer from Adobe, and IT WON’T INSTALL!

Adobe doesn’t support case-sensitive file systems!

I didn’t know it would cause such problems to install with case-sensitive turned on, but apparently there are a lot of lazy fucking programmers out there.

Sigh… there is no way to switch to a non-case sensitive filesystem, the only option is to wipe the system and install everything from scratch, which I’d rather not do.

Only other options are to put in an additional HD with non-case-sentitive FS selected, or create a disc image to install onto…

Bleh. None of those are good options.

Lazy programmers suck.

For the record, I do not believe “FILE.TXT” is the same as “file.txt”.
Adobe and H&R Block, however, think they are exactly the same.