Doritos X-13D

I was looking for a snack to bring to a meeting at work, and while reaching for some Quakes (flavored mini ricecakes – yummy) I noticed a solid black bag of Doritos, marked only “X-13D” in big letters, with a white box below with text saying “This is the x-13D Flavor Experiment.”


So of course, their clever marketing ploy was irresistable, so I shelled out a buck and bought the fat-laden bag of mystery.

I went to the meeting and passed the bag around, we all tried one.

*sniff sniff*
“Smells different.”

“Tastes like…”
“A big mac!”

Yes indeed, Doritos has produced a chip that captures the flavor of a Big Mac. Which is exactly what you expect – it tastes pretty good while you’re eating it, but afterwards, you’re like “bleh”.

So, 100 points for marketing, 50 points for amusement factor, 10 points for actual flavor, 10 points for nutritional value, 0 points for “will I buy it again”.
Score out of a possible 500: 170.

Bzzzt. Interesting idea, Doritos, but try again.

4 thoughts on “Doritos X-13D”

  1. What’s up with Doritos? Are they losing customers or something and feel the need to put out all these cheesey (hehe) flavors? White Power Cheddar, Big Mac flavor…they should totally put out a Strawberry Shortcake version….ew!

    1. I don’t know… Snooj maintains it’s a Whopper, I think it’s a Big Mac.

      That tastes like special sauce flavor in there. Do Whoppers have special sauce?

      1. I meant you were wrong about the score. They are easily 500 out of 500. This Dorito flavor is, quite simply, the epitome of chip.

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