I got back from Sarah’s and decided to get Parallels 3.0 installed on my now wiped-clean mac before going to bed.

I downloaded it, installed it…la la la… put in my serial number… and it wants my previous serial number as well, since I have an upgrade license.

No problem. I seach my gmail… nothing. I bought it before I switched to using gmail, so it’s not in there.
I search the backup I made of my mac hard drive before I wiped it… nothing.
I check the plist files from the backup, in case the serial is stored there… nothing.

I must have a email reciept from the purchase, so I look at my old copy of Thunderbird on my Windows machine… nothing.

There is still some old email on psouth, before I used to have the “leave on server” option checked for email.
I check that… and there are 3,000 emails to download, which are going one at a time as they get scanned by my virus checker.

I lie down to take a little rest while it downloads, it’s 2am at this point, and I’m a little drowsy.
Surprise, surprise, I fall asleep. Side note: those memory foam pillows are pretty comfy. I’m still getting used to it, since it’s extra-firm, but seems to be good on my spine.

I wake up at 6:30am, still in my clothes, mouth feeling pungent since I hadn’t brushed my teeth. I also realize I left Trouble out all night. She hates daylight, I think she feels exposed, or just dislikes all the people and cars. After calling her a few time she darts into view from the side of the house, covered in cobwebs. She must have been hiding under a bush or a neighbor’s porch.

So still no luck on the serial number. I suppose I could remove the new hard drive, put the old one back in, boot up, run Parallels and write down the serial number (if it shows it), then put the new HD back in again, but seems like a lot of trouble when I should have it around someplace.

Tomorrow is “Bike to Work Day”. says scattered showers tomorrow morning, hopefully not on me as I ride. I’m not riding all the way from home, that would be 25 miles or so, instead I’m meeting people at the Staples Data Center in Marlboro and biking from there, only 6 miles.

One thought on “bleary”

  1. glad you found it- and glad you’re liking the pillow. I love mine! Although my neck hurt this morning…prolly more due to my early morning trip over Rita and my ensuing illness. Watch out for the sickies! I feel a little better right now, but you might wanna do some vit. c and echinacea and zinc and whatnot…

    Have a good ride to work!

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