The Big E and potter-E

Saturday Sarah and I went to the Big E. If you haven’t heard of it, the Big E is essentially a supersized state fair, with all of New England represented.

It was a good time. There was fair food, a midway, and farming exhibitions.

The sheer mass of people was a little overwhelming at times (especially when they were coming between me and a gyro… you don’t want to come between me and a gyro). But overall a fun time.

There was one point where I even filled the archetypical “boyfriend at a fair” role… we were walking around the Midway, looking at the games, looking for any that were interesting. Sarah saw someone walk by with a giant stuffed monkey, and said “Ooh, giant monkeys! We should try the game that has that as a prize!”

We found the place with monkeys, and it turned out to be a ring toss. If you’ve never seen ring toss, it’s a grid of glass bottles, you throw plastic rings and try to get them on a bottle. The tricky part is the hard plastic bounces off the glass, so the rings bounce around like pachinko balls. But I figure we can have fun trying, so I plunk down the $5 for a bucket of rings.

The second ring I throw comes to rest on a bottle! So I won the monkey for Sarah!

On Sunday, we were trying to think of things to do. Not many good movies were playing in the area. So while Sarah took a shower, I brainstormed and came up with about 20 fun things to do, most of which were legal. Sarah added a couple to the list, and we set off.

We ended up going to a paint-a-pot place, Claytopia. I painted two small bowls to use as dessert dishes, and Sarah painted a cat dish for Rita. They will be fired and ready to pick up by Wednesday, so we can see how they came out.

Then we watched some musicians (The Primate Incident, if I remember right) who were performing in a park. There was also a girl hula-hooping to the music, who was quite the expert.

We got some coffee and sat in the park, then bought some sandwich ingredients and went home and had sandwiches.