Preparing for Tev 2.0

So I *finally* (after meaning to for 15 years) filed for a legal name change.

It’s only a petition, I still need to wait for a court date for a judge to sign off on it, but if all goes well I will have a new legal name by the end of the year.

Old name: Tevia
New name: Tevye

It’s a subtle difference, but I much prefer the other spelling.

Since there are more steps to changing your name than just filing a document, I’m taking this opportunity to take inventory of all of my accounts, everywhere.
It’s actually turning out to be a good way to get organized.

But it feels good to finally get around to doing it… it’s something I’ve wanted to do for… a long, long time. I wrote my name “Tevye” from like grade school, up until college, where I put my legal name on student loans and things. After that I just went by “Tev” and all my accounts were in the name “Tevia”. It will be a fair amount of work to get all my accounts everywhere updated to the new name, but it feels refreshing, like a mini-rebirth.

The only thing I feel bad about is that I waited this long to do it.

“Le Tevia est mort. Vive le Tevye!”