I’ve been getting these stabbing pains in the side of my head today. Every so often, like maybe once every couple minutes, it feels like my left temple is caving in.

I wonder if it’s tooth pain getting mapped incorrectly, or if the veins in my temple are slowly failing as I spiral unknowingly towards oblivion…

It seems to be happening with increasing frequency, a couple times a minute now.

Always disconcerting when things go wrong with my head… I’m very fond of my brain and prefer it stay intact…

Gaaah… probably tooth-related, I have a couple teeth that need some work, but I was waiting until January when my dental insurance resets, otherwise I have to pay it out-of-pocket.

Just need to meditate, I guess. It’s all in my head, after all. =)

A couple Advil couldn’t hurt, too.

Probably doesn’t help that the AC is messed up and it’s 80 degrees and humid in my cube.