Cleaner Freezer

I bought some more plastic containers and finished converting from bagged storage to plastic bin. Much cleaner!

cleaner freezer

p.s. the bottom shelf is Adam’s.

p.p.s. The Skinny Cow ice cream cones are super-delicious. (150 Calories, 3g fat, 3g fiber = 3 points)

Freezer Epiphany

Ok, so this is probably an obvious one, but it just manifested itself to me, so it feels new to me…

I was looking at my freezer, which was overflowing with bags upon bags of frozen veggies, when it occurred to me that rectangular items stack more easily than floppy amorphous bags. Suddenly, it hit me – I could use the rectangular plastic containers that I usually use for microwaving food or storing leftovers!

So I took all the bags out of the freezer, and emptied them into the plastic containers. My food now converted into rectangular form, it stacked neatly, taking less space. As an added bonus, I can also see what I have, rather than a pile of bags where I can only see the top layer.


Hooray for small victories!

Of course, now I don’t have enough plastic containers, and need to get more.