Land Ho!

As seems to happen when I am away for the weekend, disaster struck at home.

While I was in Holyoke visiting Sarah, torrential downpours flooded the basement.

Luckily, this has happened before, and so we keep pretty much everything off the floor.
It’s still a pain to clean up, and thankfully, Adam had it almost completely clean by the time I got back Sunday afternoon. I did have to break down some soggy cardboard boxes and clean up a bunch of wet kitty litter for an hour or so. The basement was freezing, since the garage doors were open to air the place out, and by the time I was done my hands were wet and frozen. I took a shower to clean the muck off and warm up, and the warm water of the shower made my hands feel like they were burning.

But it went pretty well considering there was an inch of water in the basement only hours ago.