Cellphone Scammers

Out of the blue today, I got 2 text messages from some cell phone gaming company called predicto.

I looked at their website and found the customer service number, and called them up to ask to be taken off their list.

I also asked how they got my number, since it’s on the national do not call list, they claimed i entered it on their website, even though i’d never heard of them before…

I asked if they maybe purchased my number from some partner or list vendor, they claimed, no, the only place they get numbers is people who submit on the web site.

Sounds like bullshit to me…

If I had responded to the text message, they would have signed me up for their “service” for $9.99/month.

During the call they proudly pointed out the terms were included in the text message.
This is the illegible text they consider “terms of service”:

Svc:800.360.0518 9.99/m txt stop2cxl T&C-predicto.com

Scummy scammers!

I’m concerned, because it’s the first time I’ve gotten spam text messages, and it could mean that now my number is out there on some spam-targetting list, despite the fact that it’s on the national “do not call” list.

Maybe the “do not call” list doesn’t cover text messaging, and companies are exploiting that loophole…

Critically Ill

My phone is dying.

The battery life was sucky, I tried getting a new battery, it seemed to help a little.
After a while, though, it seemed just as sucky again.

Now it has a habit of shutting off randomly, despite saying it still has charge.

On the way to work today, I plugged it into my car charger, but it looks like the charge didn’t take.

So I’m in the market for a new phone.

I’d like to get a pay-as-you-go one, since the cheapest contract plans are $40/month… that’s a lot for the 15 minutes a month I usually use the phone. Currently I have T-Mobile, which is so-so…

There are unlocked phones on eBay, if I get one that uses SIM cards, I can just pop my card in the new phone and keep using the same pay-as-you-go plan as before.

My requirements for a phone:
– excellent battery life
– small form factor
– bluetooth
– a decent camera would be a plus

Anyone have any suggestions?

iPhone breakup

My friend Chris is about the biggest Mac fan I know. However, after a week of use, he just returned his new iPhone.

He loved it, he just had two complaints:
* it was too quiet, and
* he couldn’t get reception.

AT&T is the only carrier for the iPhone, and ’round these parts at least, don’t have very good coverage.

Doesn’t bode well for the iPhone when a huge fan returns it. There are lots of good reviews, but they are from people who live in New York or LA, where AT&T probably has good coverage.