Hairless Ape

After my surgery, I didn’t have a razor at the hospital, so I let my beard grow.

Once I got home I continued to let to grow, for two reasons:
1) I thought a beard could be shaved into something interesting for Halloween, and
2) I was lazy

But Halloween came and went, and I never got together a costume, or shaved in any interesting way.
This is for two main reasons:
1) I was feeling crappy from the stupid flu shot (hint: don’t get it, it’s a trap!)
2) I was lazy

So last night I decided to shave, and took some photos along the way…

Check out all my facial hair variances!

Bathroom Gremlins?

So Sarah and I went to Maine to visit my mom this weekend, when I got back, the shower curtain was down.

Ok, kinda weird, but it’s only held in by pressure, and maybe somehow a change in temp or humidity cause the shower walls to bow or something, and the rod fell.

I shrugged it off and put the rod back up.

This morning, the drain was completely clogged, and a shower resulted in a full tub of water.
Now usually, the drain is a little slow sometimes, but this is full-on clogged. Water not moving *at all*.

I tried a plunger, it did nothing.

So I poured in a bottle of drain cleaner, we’ll see if that has any effect at all. I’m not sure if it will just become diluted in the full tub of water.