Tev’s a big fat jerk

Sigh… apparently I’m a jerk. I didn’t mean to be one, but I guess I’ve been talking down to people at work.

What happens is when there is some confusion about what a system or process is supposed to be, I restate my base assumptions about it to make sure we are all talking about the same thing. That’s my perception, anyway. I guess what other people hear is me talking down to them, explaining something to them that everyone already knows.

Thing is, I’m not sure what to do. I guess fundamentally re-think the way I converse with others.


Stupid, stupid, stupid… I can’t even communicate properly.

3 thoughts on “Tev’s a big fat jerk”

  1. Ouch! Don’t you just hate it when you get broadsided with a comment like that. You’re sailing along thinking the world is a fine place to be and all of a sudden your ship is sinking! Man overboard! Don’t worry. You’re not any stupider than the rest of the human race. We all have a bit of a talent for that. What to do? Well, consider emailing apologies to those concerned so they know it’s not intentional. You could also ask for suggestions on how to be less of a jerk, but that may be pushing the humble pie too far. I suggest emailing because saying such things face to face is so damn hard! (especially if it involves more than one person)

    Cheers, Tev. You’re about as good as a person gets. Don’t forget it.
    love J.

  2. I was going to add a comment but I think J. already said everything. I’ll just add this: Just remember not to throw the baby out with the bathwater…you just end up with a critically injured infant. No one wants that. (uh oh, I’m now repeating jokes…that’s bad right?)


  3. You’ve got it all wrong, my friend. The problem is that everyone else *is* stupid and you are angering them by pointing it out. You aren’t a jerk, you just lack self-confidence and when they throw your actions back at you, you end up believing the fault is yours. Idiots are more concerned in the blame game than in solving problems.

    A smart person wouldn’t take offense at breaking the process down to its fundamental elements. They would welcome the task. An idiot would accuse you of treating them like an idiot, which you are, because they are.

    The only thing you lack besides confidence is the power to fire people. You really only need one or the other. Oh wait, can’t you engineer the latter? 😉

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