Great Moments in Marketing

A few fairly recent marketing concepts should win the marketing equivalent of a Nobel Prize.  Keep in mind this doesn’t mean they are good for you, or the environment, or anyone besides the companies who came up with the marketing.  But for them, pure genius.

Bottled Water

Wait, soft drink companies can skip all the sugar, flavor, carbonation, and WORK, and just sell a bottle of plain water?  And charge the same or MORE than they do for soda?  Brilliant!  Hopefully the person who pointed this out to Coke got a big promotion.

Energy Drinks

I think Red Bull was the company to do this first – take soda, put in a little extra caffeine and a few supposedly “special” vitamins or whatnot, shrink the can down, and charge $2.  They set the bar, and other companies followed in their footsteps.

100 calorie Packs

Take an existing product, shrink it down to a much smaller package, PROMOTE the fact that you have shrunk the size of the packaging, and bump the price by weight way up.  Not only will people not complain that they are paying more for less, they will actually THANK you for it!  Genius!